Jackfruit is quite literally hiding in plain sight, as one of the most underused and misunderstood ingredients currently available in the UK. Everyone has now heard of it, but few people know much about it.

Far from being just another plant-based ingredient, jackfruit is one of the planet’s most sustainable plants, capable of transforming not only vegan and vegetarian dishes, but also improving the nutrition levels and carbon footprint of meat dishes too.

However, not all jackfruit is created equally. If you’ve tried jackfruit from a tin and been disappointed with the results, then give us a call. Young green jackfruit is like a sponge, so unfortunately it will absorb a lot of the water if packed in tins. This reduces its ability to absorb flavours and dramatically reduces the nutrition levels (our has 9.5g of fibre per 100g). It also makes it mushy!

This is why The Jackfruit Company (global leaders in all things jackfruit) don’t pack any of their products in tins. Foodservice pouches preserve of all the goodness and meaty texture that you need to create healthy and tasty meals – whether they include meat or not.

If you’d like to learn more about how pouched jackfruit can work for you, what makes it so sustainable, and how it has a lower carbon footprint than a lot of fruit and veg grown in the UK (just 90g of CO2 per kg!), then call us anytime to arrange a meeting or demonstration.

In the meantime, click on any of the cards below for some inspiration. All of these were made without meat, but if you’d like to keep the carnivores happy then we highly recommend making any of them 50/50 – i.e. half meat and half jackfruit.

A clear pouch with young green jackfruit.

Buckley & Beale Ltd is the exclusive UK importer and distributor for The Jackfruit Company.