In the mid-1800s, Etienne Guittard ventured from France to the West Coast of America in hopes of striking it rich during the California Gold Rush. He brought delicious chocolate from his uncle’s factory to trade for mining supplies but soon discovered that wealthy miners were willing to pay a premium for the treat. Armed with the knowledge that there was another kind of “gold”, he sailed back to France to finesse his craft and, in 1868, returned to San Francisco and opened Guittard Chocolate. The business remains family-run to this day.

Product Name Quantity Case Size
Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder 2276g 6
Grand Cacao Drinking Choc 283g 6
Baking Wafers 340g 8
Baking Bars 3 x 56g 12
Baking Chips Various 12
Eating Bars 75g 72