While running the Walker Family Deli in Ville Platte, Louisiana, Anthony Walker started his search for a seasoning that had a real Cajun pepper taste, without the heavy salt content of the national brands. Unable to find one, he created one of his own. Anthony would often proclaim: “When you use this seasoning, the food tastes so good, it’ll make you want to go home and Slap Ya Mama, because she could never make anything taste that great”. Walker and Son’s Slap Ya Mama sauce was born.

Product Name Quantity Case Size
Cajun Fish Fry 340g 12
Cajun Seasoning – Hot 226g 12
Cajun Seasoning – Original Blend 226g 12
Cajun Seasoning – White Pepper Blend 226g 12
Cajun Seasoning Original Blend – Large 226g 12
Hot Pepper Sauce






Jambalaya Dinner Mix 141g 12
Red Beans & Rice Dinner Mix 226g 12
Gumbo Dinner Mix 141g 12