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The Plant Based Food Trend

With 1 in 3 meals eaten by millennials being meat-free, it’s no secret that the plant-based food trend is here to stay. Millions of consumers are making conscious choices to cut down their meat consumption, and brands are racing to keep up with various meat alternative offerings. That’s why we now import and distribute jackfruit for foodservice, manufacturing and wholesale. Jackfruit is good for the planet and good for us. It’s nutritionally dense, high in fiber and low in calories. What’s more, our pouched jackfruit eliminates all of the issues chefs and NPD teams face with tinned product. Here are 8 reasons to use The Jackfruit Company pouch:

  • All natural.
  • No added water.
  • Better quality – absorbs more flavour.
  • More versatile than tinned – creates more dishes.
  • Pre-cooked – simply add flavour, heat and serve.
  • Saves time – no draining or drying.
  • Ambient – easier and cheaper to store.
  • Great social and sustainability message.


Instead of simply waiting for purchase orders to arrive, we pride ourselves on the time and effort we put into every single client – before, during and after an order. Our dedicated team can assist you with new product development, recipe ideas, sales coaching and provide invaluable information on the product you’re purchasing from us. We regularly check in with our customers to ensure everything is running smoothly. We understand the importance of building strong working relationships, and those relationships aren’t built simply by buying and selling product. Get in touch today to start a discussion about what we can do for your business.


Whether you’re a retail, foodservice, wholesale or manufacturing customer, we understand the value of a smooth supply chain. For over 9 years, we have successfully imported and distributed our exclusive range of products to a large number of businesses, on a variety of different scales. Our impeccable product compliance and due diligence, as well as having a number of expert contacts along the supply chain, keeps things running smoothly. This means you never have to worry about goods arriving on time – we handle fulfillment from start to finish.