Rather than offering an overwhelming catalogue of brands, we specialise in working from each customer’s brief. We extensively search for the best products to meet your specification. The combination of our expert knowledge, skills and dedication means we can find the perfect brand for any retailer. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.


Finding new brands isn’t as simple as find and buy. Before they are presented, each of our brands has extensive due diligence performed to ensure that they will be able to consistently deliver a high-quality product. Once products are chosen, UK compliant labelling production and lab tests are carried out to give you peace of mind that the products on your shelves stand up to all relevant UK and EU legislation.


No matter what product we are supplying you with, be assured that we can fufil orders of any scale. Having worked in the US import business for over 8 years, we have a range of expert contacts along our supply chain. Our product compliance ensures that products are rarely stopped upon entry to the UK. This means that our customer’s demands are always met efficiently and on time.