Qwrkee boasts an exciting range of vegan products with all-natural ingredients: Vegan Jerky, Plant Based Probiotic Puffs, and Plant Based Pea M’lk. The Vegan Jerky is made from soy protein, meaning the texture and profile matches that of meat jerky. Their Probiotic Puffs contain 1bn biocultures, which are known to stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The Pea M’lk is the only plant-based nutritious dairy alternative which is nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free and lactose-free. It’s perfect for cereals, cooking, smoothies, ice cream, coffee, tea, or simply as a refreshing drink. In addition, every single product is high in protein and fibre – what’s not to love?

Name Weight Case size
Pea M’LK – Sweetened 1 litre 8
Pea M’LK – Unsweetened 1 litre 8
Vegan Jerky – Maple Bacon 70g 8
Vegan Jerky – Smoked Black Pepper 70g 8
Vegan Jerky – Sriracha Hot Chilli 70g 8
Vegan Jerky – Sweet & Spicy BBQ 70g 8
Probiotic Puffs – Beetroot 80g 10
Probiotic Puffs – Cauliflower 80g 10
Probiotic Puffs – Sweet Chilli 80g 10
Probiotic Puffs – Vegan Cheese 80g 10