Koeze Cream-Nut Peanut Butter is made with only two ingredients: slow roasted, premium grade Virginia peanuts and a dash of sea salt. There are no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar and no extra oils. The careful roasting and old fashioned attention to detail produces a rich peanut taste that will have you coming back for more. You can taste the tradition of this remarkable peanut butter in every jar. Cream-Nut is simply the best tasting, all-natural peanut butter available.

Koeze Cream-Nut is exclusively distributed in the UK by Buckley & Beale. Please contact us with any wholesale enquiries.

Name Quantity Case Size
Cream Nut 100% Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter 368g 12
Cream Nut 100% Natural Smooth Peanut Butter 368g 12