England Preserves’ sourcing policy has been formed by many years on farmers’ markets. Many of their suppliers originate from those early days. As a cultural product that reconnects the consumer with the English countryside, it is vital that their sourcing reflects this, with a focus on sustainability and provenance. Customers are increasingly sophisticated and there is growth at the premium end of the preserves market. Customers are looking for a dedication to provenance, high levels of fruit and innovative design. England Preserves offers all three. Their dedication to producing the finest preserves means they never stop refining their craft.

Product Name Quantity Case Size
Raspberry Jam 215g 6
Blackcurrant Blighty 220g 6
Gooseberry & Elderflower 230g 6
London Marmalade 250g 6
Redcurrant, Rhubarb & Vanilla 210g 6
Strawberry Days 210g 6
Red Onion Marmalade 215g 6
Piccalilli 210g 6