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Butternut Mountain Farm

Pure, authentic maple syrup sourced directly from Vermont.

Butternut Mountain Farm is a family-run business located on a hillside 1000ft above the village of Johnson. The Marvin family have stewarded their 600-acre tree farm for more than half a century. The farmers they work with understand maple and share their commitment to maintaining the health and sustainability of the forests.

Over the past forty years…

Butternut have built relationships with approximately 350 select maple makers - people whose stories they know and practices they respect. Their state-of-the-art processes, coupled with generations of maple experience ensures that Butternut Mountain Farm delivers the highest quality maple products.

Our products

Butterbut Mountain Farm 8oz Maple Syrup

Grade A Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup

it’s the smoothest, silkiest, most delicious maple syrup that you’ll find.

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Buckley & Beale Ltd are the exclusive UK importer and distributor for Butternut Mountain Farm. Please contact our sales team, sales@buckleyandbeale.com for more information.