Ballymaloe with breakfast burger

Ballymaloe Relish

A household stable in Ireland.

High demand means that it’s available in over 400 stores, as well as Germany, Belgium, USA and Australia.

Best quality ingredients!

Their relish is created using the best quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The result – a rich, delicious, versatile product. Ballymaloe Original Relish is the ideal accompaniment to light meals, picnics and barbeques. If that wasn’t enough, the relish is also vegan, gluten-free and all-natural.

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Ballymaloe Tomato Original Relish

We’ve been making Ballymaloe Original Relish for over 30 years, using the original recipe of tomatoes, sultanas and a carefully picked blend of spices. It’s become not only a great relish for cheeses, cold meats and salads, but also a staple ingredient in many family recipes.

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Buckley & Beale Ltd are the exclusive UK importer and distributor for Ballymaloe. Please contact our sales team, for more information.