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About Us

Buckley and Beale is owned by business partners Noreen Finnamore and Adrian Beale.

The company was established in 2011. Coming from a background in speciality retail, we saw a gap in the wholesale market for gourmet American food products, and began sourcing and importing artisan foods from the U.S. Whilst many people may still associate American food with a Big Mac, Hershey bars and marshmallow fluff, for us, it conjures up an entirely different picture. It is a country with amazing natural resources, a heritage of farming and production of artisan food products that is in every way as powerful as the hugely popular American grocery basket of Lucky Charms and candy.

However it has always been our mission to offer food from other parts of the world, and to also showcase some of the fabulous products available within our own shores. At The Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2015 we launched our exciting new selection of British and Irish gourmet foods from the four corners of the UK and Ireland. 

We’ve chosen these products on the same basis that we have selected our American brands, by seeking out foods that are high quality, well packaged and presented, and made by small producers who are passionate about quality and taste.The suppliers on our gourmet list have been carefully vetted and selected. We work closely with them to bring products to our customers that are the best of their kind. This is what we want to offer our customers – gourmet foods of exceptional quality and, in most instances, products which are not widely available in the UK.

If food is our first passion, service comes a close second. We want to offer the best service possible to all our customers, so that their businesses flourish too. Having come from a retail background, we know the frustrations and pitfalls and we try to anticipate and avoid anything which makes our customers' lives harder. Our ambition is to develop long term relationships with our customers and we can only do that if our service is a cut above the rest. We love to get feedback from our customers (even if it is to tell us to do better!) so please do call or e-mail either Adrian or Noreen if you have any suggestions, compliments or brickbats!

Noreen, Adrian & The Team