We don’t have an extensive catalogue for a reason! We specialise in working from our retailers brief and extensively looking for the best brands to meet that specification. From small, specialty British suppliers to large industrial manufacturers from across the pond, we are able to find the perfect brands to improve any retailer’s shelves. Although we specialise in US and UK products we also have the capabilities to source products from any area of the globe.


Finding new brands isn’t as simple as find and buy. Before they are presented, each of our brands has comprehensive due diligence performed to ensure that they will be able to consistently deliver a high-quality product. Once products are chosen, UK compliant labelling production and lab tests are carried out to give you piece of mind that the products on your shelves stand up to all relevant UK and EU legislation.


One of the things we pride ourselves on is our work with our smaller suppliers to help them fulfil larger orders and scale their business sustainably. Having worked in the US import business for over 7 years we also have great contacts all along our import chain of supply. Our product compliance ensures that the products rarely get stopped upon entry to the UK and ensures that our retailers demand can be met on time.