The Kane family have been farming since 1853, and are delighted to keep adapting modern techniques to traditional methods of farming. They grow a single variety seed on an 800-acre farm. They slowly press the seeds to ensure that the golden oil is always consistent and crystal clear. Their range includes Pure Liquid Gold Rapeseed Oil which is versatile & healthy for every day cooking. The infused range is bursting with flavour for daily cooking without all the added ingredients. The truffle oil adds earthy depth to your dish.

Product Name Weight Case Size
Pure Pressed Rapeseed Oil 250ml/500ml 6/9
Chilli 250ml 9
LemonĀ  250ml 9
Basil 250ml 9
Rosemary & Garlic 250ml 9
Garlic 250ml 9
Thai Inspired 250ml 9
Black Truffle 250ml 9
Black Truffle & Porcini 250ml 9
23ct Gold Leaf 250ml 9
Gift Box 4 x 150ml 6