These refreshing Agroposta drinks are home-made in Croatia, a country know for it’s spectacular nature – waterfalls, forests, mountains, and the stunning Adriatic coast. The drinks are made from hand-picked wild flowers and ripe fruits. Agroposta use only the best ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Product Name Weight Case Size
Elderflower Bottle 250ml 12
Lavender Bottle 250ml 12
Lemon Bottle 250ml 12
Raspberry Bottle 250ml 12
Sage Flower Bottle 250ml 12
Mint Bottle 250ml 12

The Boutique Bake Range of healthy baking mixes are completely gluten and refined sugar free and the ingredients used are totally unique in the market. This range is aimed at the health & fitness customer, busy professionals and parents with kids looking for a healthy snack option. The Boutique Bake range of mixes contains only the cleanest of ingredients and all are absolutely free from artificial flavourings and colourings. Each mix is easy to bake, you only need to add 2 ingredients or fewer to make delicious and healthy treats.

Product Name Weight Case Size
Elderflower Cordial 32ml 15
Lavender Cordial 32ml 15
Lemon Cordial 32ml 15
Raspberry Cordial 32ml 15
Sage Flower Cordial 32ml 15